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The Back Story

Carmen Hope Thomas was single, successful, and frustrated. The more successful she got, the harder it was to find men who saw her for her worth. For years, she bought into the narrative that she was a strong Black woman that most men just couldn’t handle. When she finally met a man that she really thought was worthy of her, she became even more frustrated that she couldn’t get him to fit neatly inside of her world. It was then and there that God gave her an understanding that she has shared with women all over the world.

After ten years of a happy marriage, Carmen tells the secrets every successful woman needs to know and understand about their singleness. This book is painfully, yet unapologetically candid and humorous. It speaks to the fears and the frustrations that successful women face in the world of singleness. Come and see Why (you should) Marry a Man You Don’t Need.

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